Andrew is a passionate believer in the power of creativity to drive innovation and change. 


Using creative technology, human-centered design approaches, and simulations and games, he encourages others to imagine, make, play and experiment to break new ground and develop their own self-confidence to help ignite their own unlimited potential.


Andrew’s love of learning and technology has led him across the arts and sciences in fields as diverse as physics, design, education, media, information technology, and science communication.


Andrew holds a Doctor of Science Education, Graduate Diploma of Sciences Communication, Graduate Diploma of Studies in Humanities (Media Studies) and a Bachelor of Science with Honours (Physics).




"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

Albert Einstein


Everyone is creative. 


I haven’t met anyone yet that hasn’t performed a creative act, even something as simple as finger painting.  But for many of us, as we grow older, the critical voice – maybe from within us, or maybe from someone else – convinces us that we aren’t creative.  That only the special few are gifted with the capacity for creativity.


The truth is, creativity is in everyone… it just needs to be reawakened in some of us.  And the rewards for doing can be enormous on personal, professional and social levels. Understanding that everything is designed helps puts a different lens on the way we view the world… and with reinvigorated creativity, everyone – yes even you – have the ability to take action, design objects and experiences, and change the world toward a better future.



"Play, it appears, is the very essence of thought."

David Bohm


  • Dr Brigid Costello


    Andrew is extremely professional, thorough and efficient. His high-level experience in commercial and academic settings made him the perfect colleague.

    Naomi Raiz

    Education Advisor

    Andrew is highly professional and successfully managed each aspect of the project. His sound  and flexible approach to design research and his ability to see the bigger picture meant that the final product was thorough, relevant and highly useful.

    Dr Malcolm Ryan


    Andrew is the most remarkably skilled playtester I have met, able to cooly observe and listen to the player objectively and ask questions which draw out the player's thoughts and feelings as they play.


Sydney, Australia